Confessions Of An EBay PowerSeller

Confessions Of An EBay PowerSeller

E-Commerce was a term coined to refer to electronic commerce. Today we are all familiar with this term and have all participated in e-commerce transactions. We have bought Christmas gifts online, ordered books from Amazon or bought supplies for our business. Today e-commerce has become a vital part of our economy. This was not the case ten years ago. When the concept first arrived it received only a modicum of success and a mixed reaction from consumers. Many of the companies that were started at that time and relied on e-commerce to generate business had to eventually shut down because no one wanted to conduct transactions online. In this article we will understand a little more about e-commerce and take a look at how it has changed over the last ten years.

So now my online shop is up and running, and my customers are pleased. I am even getting orders from individuals living in other towns and this never happened with my high street shop. The next challenge though is to continue the search engine optimisation (SEO) process, because it's not just something that's built in to a website and left - it's an on-going procedure. A little like swimming I suppose - getting to the surface is terrific news if you don't have gills, but you have to keep paddling to stay there.

Despite the promise of this thriving region there are numerous different challenges and legal hurdles that merchants will need to take into account when doing business. Not only is there a remarkably restricted choice of software and payment service providers in Latin America but different tariffs and tax structures, together with a lack of cross-border logistical support. These are all challenges that merchants will need to aware of before embarking on formulating an entry strategy. There is also a notoriously low consumer trust in shopping online and higher fraud levels compared to those in Europe and Asia.

Now it has been reported that Amazon and 50 of its sellers are facing investigations for allegedly falsely claiming Central Value Added Tax (Cenvat) credit and evading tax of about Rs 118 crore. Aggregators such as Amazon pay service tax to the seller. Some sellers had not deposited the service tax with the government even after claiming it from the e-commerce giant.

The Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence (DGCEI) is investigating the matter. Traders are alleged to have misused the Cenvat scheme, which allows a manufacturer or service provider a relief from the taxes paid on inputs to manufacturing of final products or services. DGCEI had detected that bogus invoices of declared goods were issued to merchants through dummy firms. Verifications revealed that the firms said to be providing the goods were non-existent.

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